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Wedding group shots

ebayHow to get the best out of wedding group shots

It’s the age old question for a bride and groom – do we really need our big day taken up doing grow shots? Nobody, especially the bride and groom, wants to be hanging around in (hopefully) the heat when they should be enjoying their big day in the company of family and friends. Even though you have hired a documentary style photographer, you’ll never regret having a few “set-up” shots of you nearest and dearest and they needn’t take more than ten minutes or so with a bit of planning.


To speed things along, always make sure you have a good, reliable go-to person for the photographer i.e someone who knows both the bride and grooms sides and can point them out quickly. It may not necessarily be a best man or usher, but just a close friend or relative.

Think of having just one big shot incorporating everybody – that way nobody can complain if they are left out. Most venues have a good vantage point e.g a first floor room, staircase or even a tall set of steps for the photographer. If you plan to take the group shot just before the meal, everybody can be asked to take their seats straight after it’s done.

Instead of standing ┬áin a “firing squad” formation, think about walking towards the camera to make it more animated. A group including the bride and her mates is always a winner and likewise with the boys. Don’t forget the kids – a shot of a few running towards camera makes for a really special picture.

Some of the best group shots are when the subjects are caught off guard. This often happens when a guest has set up a group shot and the photographer stands to the side and shoots it from a different angle. Another good method for keeping them informal, is to make sure you specifically mingle with the people you want in the pictures and let the photographer know that this will be your ploy.

If you are having a summer wedding, think about having the group shots after the dinner when everybody’s a little more relaxed.



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